Ultraviolet C (UVc) Irradiation Studies of A. Laidlawii and M. oralea

Test Article CompositionUVc Dose DeliveryLoad Titer (log10 CFU)bLRVc
1% A. laidlawii 1X Media100 J/m26.5>5.5
300 J/m26.5>5.5
1% A. laidlawii 3X Media30 J/m26.52.1
100 J/m26.2>5.2
240 J/m26.2>5.2
1% M. orale 1X Media100 J/m24.8>3.8
300 J/m24.8>3.8
1% M. orale 3X Media100 J/m24.7>3.7
283 J/m24.7>3.7
  • a Negative control irradiation dose performed on 3X media with A. laidlawii at 30 J/ m2. UVc treatment was dose independent in complete mycoplasma clearance.

  • b CFU is colony-forming unit.

  • c LRV is log reduction value. > indicates no visible mycoplasma colonies present.