Risk Assessment—Management of Human Resources during COVID-19 Pandemic

ActivityRisk IdentificationRisk RatingRisk Mitigation/Critical Process Controls
Recruitment of new staffLocal; Regional; National; InternationalLow to ModerateRemote interviews; Limit domestic and international travel; 14-day quarantine prior to starting work
Training new hires and existing employeesLack of information;Issues not addressed in corporate policies and proceduresModerate to HighGMP compliance; Coronavirus awareness training;Symptoms identification
Deployment of employeesDomestic; InternationalModerate to HighStaff functions conducted from home; Restrictions on nonessential domestic and international travel; deferment of large staff meetings
Management and Supervision of EmployeesStaff and line functionsModerate to HighIllness recognition; Monitoring with thermal sensors; Universal wearing of non-medical face masks on the job
Employee AttendanceEmployees working sick; Loss of human resources; Inability to commuteLowFlexibility in working hours;Stress importance of staying home when ill; Provide sickness benefits; Add company sponsored transportation when public transportation is unavailable