Capacity of SARS-CoV-2 to Replicate in Primate and Human Cell Lines

Cell LineCell Line OriginSARS-CoV ReplicationaReferences
CHOChinese Hamster OvaryIncompatible(Kreil, 2020 Personal Communication)
HEK293Human Embryonic CellsIncompatible(Kreil, 2020 Personal Communication)
HT1080Human fibrosarcomaIncompatible(Kreil, 2020 Personal Communication)
A549Human Adenocarcinoma CellsIncompatible50
HUHHuman Liver CellsModerate50
HEK293THuman Embryonic CellsModerate50
VEROAfrican Green Monkey Kidney CellsHigh50
  • a Incompatible is no growth, no cytopathic effect (CPE); Moderate is growth but no CPE; High is growth and CPE.