Persistence of Coronaviruses on Inanimate Surfaces (28)

Type of SurfaceVirusaInoculum (Viral Titer)Persistence (Temperature)
SteelMERS-CoVHCoV10510348 h (20°C)8–24 h (30°C)5 d (21°C)
AluminumHCoV1032–8 h (21°C)
WoodSARS-CoV-11054 d (RT)b
PaperSARS-CoV-110610510424 h3 h<5 min (All at RT)
GlassSARS-CoV-1HCoV1051034 d (RT)5 d (21°C)
PlasticSARS-CoV-1MERS-CoVSARS-CoV-1HCoV105105107105107≤5 d (22--25°C)48 h (20°C)6--9 d (RT)4 d (RT)2--6 d (RT)
PolyvinylchlorideHCoV1035 d (21°C)
Silicon RubberHCoV1035 d (21°C)
Surgical Glove (Latex)HCoV5 × 103≤5 d (21°C)
Disposable GownSARS-CoV-11061051042 d24 h≤8 h (All at RT)
CeramicHCoV1035 d (21°C)
TeflonHCoV1035 d (21°C)
  • a MERS is Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus; HCoV is Human Coronavirus; SARS-CoV-1 is Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome virus.

  • b RT is room temperature.