Statistical Analysis of a Database of Response Factors

ItemValue per Detection Methoda
MS, + IonMS, − IonUV, 230 nmCADGCMSFID
Standard Deviation1.11.20.600.650.520.54
% RSD108%119%60%65%52%54%
  • a The detection methods were as follows: MS, + is mass spectrometry, positive ion mode; MS, − is mass spectrometry, negative ion mode; UV is ultraviolet-visible detector; CAD is charged aerosol detector; GCMS is gas chromatography mass spectrometry; and FID is flame ionization detection.

  • b The total number of analytes investigated in this study (10) was 217. Mutliple analytes produced no response in one or more of the detection methods.

  • c The response factors for the individual analytes were divided by the mean response factor for the entire database, thus producing a mean of 1.0.