Summary and Assessment of Use Steps

SuccessResolvedIncomplete or IncorrectStudy ArtifactNot Assessed
Inspect tip cap (E)4/130/139/130/130/13
Remove tip cap by twisting, not breaking (E)11/131/131/130/130/13
Attach needle to syringe by twisting (E)13/130/130/130/130/13
Remove needle shield by pulling (E)13/130/130/130/130/13
Consolidate air bubbles (SC)10/130/133/130/130/13
Expel air bubbles (SC)12/130/131/130/130/13
Set dose to 0.05 mL (SC)10/131/132/130/130/13
Administer intravitreal injection (E)12/130/131/130/130/13
Remove syringe from injection site (E)13/130/130/130/130/13
Dispose of syringe (SC)12/130/130/131/130/13
  • E = Essential; SC = Safety-Critical.