Categorization of Isolates by Sample Type

Morphological TypeAir SamplesSurface Samples
Proportion of Total Isolates (n)Proportion of Morphological CategoryProportion of Total Isolates (n)Proportion of Morphological Category
Gram-positive cocci (GPC)27%60% of GPCs18%40% of GPCs
Gram-positive rods (GPR)9%34% of GPRs17%66% of GPRs
(of which the above category are spore-bearing rods, GPSR)(4%)27% of GPSR(12%)73% of GPSR
Gram-negative rods (GNR)13%54% of GNRs11%46% GNRs
Gram-negative cocci0N/A0N/A
Fungi2%45% fungi2%55% fungi
  • N/A = not applicable.