Various Vial Stopper Combinations Using the Components Listed in This Table Were Used in Container Closure Studies after Storage at −80 °C

13 mm rubber stoppersSNB1Stopper Non–Blow back, manufacturer 1 Tg of rubber compound: ∼ −60 °C
SNB2Stopper Non–Blow back, manufacturer 2 Tg of rubber compound: ∼ −65 °C
SBBStopper Blow Back, manufacturer 1 Tg of rubber compound: ∼ −60 °C
2R vials (overflow capacity 4 mL)VBBVial Blow Back, manufacturer 3
VNBVial Non–Blow back, manufacturer 3
13 mm capsPlastic aluminium flip off capSame type of caps was used for all vial/stopper combinations