Cleanrooms Selected for the Study

Room codeRationale for room selection
A101These are wash up areas used for cleaning of used equipment. The rooms are characterized by a moist environment, which could potentially support fungal growth.
A103In these areas large equipment is cleaned by a clean in place (CIP) process. These rooms are characterized by moist and warm environment, which could support germination of fungal spores.
A105These are 2–8 °C cold rooms used for product processing. These areas were selected as representative cold areas.
A107This is an airlock room, which interfaces to an unclassified area. The area could be at risk of fungal spores from close proximity of outside environment.
A108This is an autoclave and equipment preparation area. This room is characterized by dry and warm conditions.
A109This is a storage area, characterized by dry ambient conditions. The room has access to lift, which leads to an unclassified corridor within the building. The lift could pose a risk of transferring fungal spores from unclassified areas.
A110This is a room has a large number of fixed processing vessels. It is characterized by warm and moist conditions, which could support fungal growth.