Information Related to the GC Peaks Associated with Organic Extractables from the LDPE

Peak #IdentificationCAS RNHighest Conc In Extract
Set AaSet BbMediumType
33h1Irgafos 168e31570-04-4HexaneSoxhlet
33h2Irgafos 168 Oxidee95906-11-9IPAReflux
4Irganox PS800f123-28-4IPASoxhlet
236Octadecanoic (Stearic) acide57-11-4IPASoxhlet
7Aliphatic amidegHexaneReflux
10Di-(2-ethyhexyl) phthalate (DEHP)e117-81-7HexaneSoxhlet
11Unknowng, Empirical formula = C26H24O13IPASoxhlet
1812Hexadecanoic (Palmitic) acide57-10-3IPASoxhlet
13Aliphatic hydrocarbong, Empirical formula = C10H20HexaneSoxhlet
14Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT)e128-37-0IPAReflux
15C21-oligomerg, Empirical formula = C21H40IPAReflux
16Unspecified Amideg; Empirical formula = C5H11NOHexaneSoxhlet
17Aliphatic hydrocarbong; Empirical formula = C12H24HexaneSoxhlet
22Octadecanoic acid, methyl esterf112-61-8IPA/WaterSealed
15Hexadecanoic acid, methyl esterf112-39-0IPA/WaterSealed
1Nonanoic acid, methyl esterf1731-84-6IPA/WaterSealed
10Tetradecanoic acid, methyl esterf124-10-7IPA/WaterSealed
219-Octadecenoic acid, methyl esterf1937-62-8IPA/WaterSealed
VariouscErucamide-related compoundsgIPA/WaterSealed
2Nonanoic acide112-05-0pH 9.5Sealed
11Tetradecanoic (Myristic) acidf544-63-8pH 9.5Sealed
34Chimassorb 944 Monomerf71878-19-8IPA/WaterSealed
VariousdChimassorb 944-related compoundgpH 2.5Sealed
  • Notes:

  • a In the sealed vessel extracts, see Figures 18, 19. These extracts also contained extractables whose identities could not be established, specifically peaks 17, 19, 41, 56, 66, 68.

  • b In the solvent extracts, Soxhlet and Reflux, see Figures 22 and 23.

  • c Although the compounds associated with some peaks could not be identified, it was established that they were erucamide-related. Such peaks included 24, 26, 27, 28, and 36.

  • d Although the compounds associated with some peaks could not be identified, it was established that such peaks were related to Chimassorb 944. Such peaks included 32, 37 and 47.

  • e These identifications are classified as confirmed.

  • f These identifications are classified as confident.

  • g These identifications are classified as tentative.

  • h The oxide is the earlier eluting peak in the IPA/Water chromatogram shown in Figure 19.