Summary of Identified Organic Extractables, Polycarbonate, LC Analysis, IPA, and Hexane Extracts via Reflux and Soxhlet. See Figure 30a

Peak #IdentificationbCAS RN
1Bisphenol Ac80-05-7
3Di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate84633-54-5
4Irgafos 168 oxide95906-11-9
5Irganox 10762082-79-3
6Irgafos 16831570-04-4
  • Notes:

  • a The various LC chromatograms also contained several peaks whose associated substance could not be identified.

  • b These identifications are classified as either confident or confirmed.

  • c Bisphenol A was also present in the pH 9.5 extracts, see Figure 27.