Table I

Performance Summary of the FTIR Method for Quantitation of Silicone Oil Extracted from Glass PFS Syringes

Performance FactorSummary
SpecificitySpecific to the 1261 cm−1 infrared spectral peak of silicone oil (symmetrical (CH3)2-Si deformation band). Non-siliconized blank syringes read <LOD
LinearityData demonstrates a linear relationship over intended assay range (3 repeated curves), pooled data:
    Slope = 2.67 × 10−4 ± 0.01 × 10−4 AU per μg/mL for a 0.5 mm cell
    Intercept = 0.0053 ± 0.0008 AU
    Correlation Coefficient (R2) = 0.9995
    Standard Error = 0.001623
Accuracy (recovery of spike)90–101%
Precision (repeatability of spike)1–10%
Precision (intermediate precision)9%
Estimated precision (reproducibility)9%
Estimated limit of quantitation, LOQ (not required)61 μg/mL