Automated Inspection and Dye Ingress Testing Results for Vials That Had Experienced Lensing Crack Replication Damage

Glass TypeAutomated Inspection ResultsDye Ingress Testing
Quantity TestedPercent Leaking
Borosilicate26% Accepted1735%
74% Rejected3388%
Strengthened Aluminosilicate100% Accepted500%
0% Rejected00%
  • The automated inspection rejected 74% of the damaged borosilicate vials, 88% of which leaked in dye ingress testing. Of the 26% damaged borosilicate vials that were accepted, 35% of them leaked in dye ingress testing. While the strengthened aluminosilicate population experienced the same damage replication event, 100% of the vials were accepted by the automated inspection equipment and none of the vials leaked.