Comparison of Contact Normal Stresses for Simulated Versions Immediately after Container Closure at 23 °C and after 1 Day of Storage at 23 °C (13 mm Neck Size)

DescriptionContact Normal Stress (N/mm2) Immediately After Container Closure at 23 °CContact Normal Stress (N/mm2) After 1 Day of Storage at 23 °C
Pos. 1Pos. 2Pos. 3Pos. 4Pos. 1Pos. 2Pos. 3Pos. 4
F1, nominal geometry, 40 N closing force0.4401.1321.0681.4720.1160.2820.2710.324
F1, nominal geometry, 12 N closing force0.0000.9220.9751.6920.0000.2270.2420.389
F1, nominal geometry, 112 N closing force1.4241.7351.1760.0000.3630.4520.2970.000
F1, maximum overlap, 40 N closing force0.7490.4742.5541.8760.2060.1390.6350.478
F1, minimum overlap, 40 N closing force0.2500.6470.0000.9820.0660.1640.0000.238
F2, nominal geometry, 40 N closing force0.5430.7500.5520.4600.3260.4550.3350.253