Comparison of Contact Normal Stresses for Simulated Versions Immediately after Container Closure at 23 °C and after 1 Day of Storage at 23 °C (20 mm Neck Size)

DescriptionContact Normal Stress (N/mm2) Immediately After Container Closure at 23 °CContact Normal Stress (N/mm2) After 1 Day of Storage at 23 °C
Pos. 1Pos. 2Pos. 3Pos. 4Pos. 1Pos. 2Pos. 3Pos. 4
F1, nominal geometry, 40 N closing force0.4110.0601.6541.2440.1030.0260.3920.303
F1, nominal geometry, 18 N closing force0.2460.0001.6321.2240.0630.0000.3920.297
F1, nominal geometry, 125 N closing force0.8740.5461.5121.3110.2360.1540.3580.324
F1, maximum overlap, 65 N closing force0.7390.0371.7991.5440.1960.0430.4420.399
F1, minimum overlap, 40 N closing force0.2080.4620.7020.2600.0540.1180.1670.065
F2, nominal geometry, 40 N closing force0.3510.1930.7670.6710.2150.1200.4570.371